Holiday Park Purchased by Belgian Entertainment Company

Studio 100, a Belgian entertainment company, has bought the German amusement park, Holiday world. Holiday world is very well known for its Intamin mega coaster, Exposition G-Force which has voted as the best steel roller coaster many times! Studio 100 is the owner of the Plopsa amusement parks, which are currently in Belgium and the Netherlands. Read about with is press release:

Maya the Bee and Vicky the Viking come Hassloch
How Plopsa, the theme park area of Studio 100, announced today, is the German entertainment and theme park Holiday Park with immediate effect a new member of Plopsa theme parks. This Holiday Park is the first German theme park in the Belgian group. “Our own theme park in Germany, in which we can use the Studio 100 characters like Maya the Bee and Wicked to give the Vikings a home is a logical strategic impact,” says Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO of Plopsa. Under the Belgian model of every Studio 100 figure, a whole new area is classified. Plopsa The Group comprises four theme parks so far: three parks in Belgium since April 2010 and another park in the Netherlands. explain Studio 100 owner Gert Verhulst and Hans Bourlon: “We are very pleased and proud of our new family member.”

The Holiday Park was founded by the Schneider family 1971st Next year the park celebrates its 40th anniversary. “I am glad that the Holiday Park in Plopsa Group will successfully continue to grow,” said Wolfgang Schneider, former managing partner of the Holiday Park.
Plopsa plans to expand the existing park and investing in the next four years 25 million euros.

More than 100 studio and Plopsa
Within a few years, Studio 100 has developed into one of the most important companies in the “family entertainment” in Belgium and the Netherlands. The TV characters, “Mega Mindy”, “Samson and Gert”, “Heinzelmann pop”, “K3”, “Amika”, “Anubis” and many other heroes are very popular. Founded in 1996, Studio 100 for an entertainment company has developed. Television productions, shows, movies, newspaper supplements and editions, audio, video, merchandising and theme parks were built.

The existing Plopsa theme parks are characterized by a magical architecture, from a fairy-tale atmosphere and the Studio 100 figures. Plopsaland De Panne, Plopsa Indoor Hasselt Plopsa and Coo are located in Belgium and Plopsa Indoor Coevorden in the Netherlands.
In 2008, Studio 100, the German took EM.Entertainment GmbH with brands such as Wicked, Maya the Bee, Tabaluga and Heidi. Since then, the German headquarters of Studio 100, the Studio100 Media GmbH in Munich, where currently 40 employees. Under the umbrella of Studio100 Media classics like Maya the Bee and Heidi also new developments such as Anubis, which was produced in association with Nickelodeon

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  1. Weirdly says:

    It would be cool to go to Holiday Park in Germany.

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