Lego Unveils Massive New Roller Coaster Set

When it comes to model roller coasters, K’nex has long been the building toy of choice for many folks to build some very impressive creations. But, it appears that Lego has finally entered their hat into the ring, with the gigantic new Roller Coaster (10261) set for their Creator line. Although Lego’s roller coaster track system, which was first seen on last year’s Joker Manor set, isn’t quite as “flexible” (both figuratively and literally) as those seen on the K’nex coasters, where this kit absolutely shines is in an area that Lego is quite good at: detail. Oh… My… Lord the detail! This 4000+ piece set features everything model builders have been dreaming of: multiple trains, a switch track, air-gates, a stylized sign, and numerous other things that I don’t even want to point out, since half the fun is spotting them all! The thing I’m completely in love with is the structure, which sports a hyper-realistic compact design, and something that could, with enough extra pieces, be something that could easily be converted to be a bit more “portable” (Wink Wink Nudge Nudge).

Now, with all this amazingness, there must be a catch, right? Well, maybe not for you directly, but possibly for your wallet, as this kit give it a dent the size of $379.99 when it launches in June. Ouch! However, if you’re interested in building Lego roller coasters, there are some cheaper alternatives. Lego is also going to be releasing a much smaller coaster kit, the Pirate Roller Coaster, which although does not have a release date or price, will most likely be significantly cheaper. For a 3rd party option, Coaster Dynamix has their Cyclone set, which features a more “bendy-style” track for a bit more realism, and at $149.99 is a fraction of the cost of the official kit.

Besides the steep price point, I’m really excited for this kit! Even if it’s a bit out of range, as pointed out, there are already other coaster sets coming up that look just as fun. And, in the off change I can actually get it, it would really nice next to my Fairground Mixer!

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