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Thorpe Park Announces The Swarm: New Coaster for 2012!

Although this coaster was for announced as LC12, the official announcement was made of  The Swarm, a new B&M Wingrider like Raptor at Garaland, coming to Thorpe park in 2012! The ride looks to be themed on war because even … Continue reading

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Hershey Park announces new coaster for 2012!

Intamin AG of Switzerland brings us yet another awesome looking ride for Hershey Park, Skyrush! The 200 foot hyper coaster will feature new trains with 4 across seating where the two outside seats are floorless, and the two inside seats … Continue reading

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Cedarfair Announces the Purchase of 61 Acres of Land for Carowinds!

Today, August 1, 2011, Cedar Fair announced the purchase of 61 acres of land for Carowinds in Charlotte, NC. (Carowinds is actually on the boarder of both North and South Carolina). The plot of land is adjacent to the park … Continue reading

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